The first probe-style cooking alarm/thermometer built for commercial kitchens, but found in just as many home kitchens.

ChefAlarm was designed to follow the professional-grade quality and design styling found in the mega-popular Thermapen®. The water-resistant housing, max/min temperature feature, high and low alarms, adjustable alarm volume, large current temperature readout and simple-to-set operation make cooking and monitoring your oven, grill or smoker masterpiece a breeze!


There are many Pro-Series® temperature probes that are compatible with ChefAlarm to help monitor food temperatures and ambient air temperatures.

A lot of form, orientation, format and layout exploration was considered.

High heat-resistant cables can be closed in an oven door or smoker lid to continuously monitor the cook while the unit safely sits on the counter or stuck magnetically to a metal surface.


ChefAlarm can be set on the counter-top and LCD display flipped up or laid flat and placed on any magnetic surface.